Dawn of the Planet of Post-Millennials: A Guide to Reaching Generation Z

2 May 2018

Marketing experts are now taking a serious look at Generation Z, those born after 1995. According to statistics, they will account for 40% of all U.S. consumers by…

Art and AI: what place for human artists in a future dominated by artificial intelligence?

27 January 2018

Should algorithmic machines some day have their own pavilion at the Venice Biennale? Two years ago that would have been a ridiculous and bizarre question. Today, however, if…

Five Ways Blockchain Is Bringing Mixed Reality Into Our Lives

28 December 2017

Recently experts in mixed reality and blockchain got together in New York to discuss the future of merging technologies at the BlockchainMix conference. The event was organized by…

How to do a successful PR campaign for an ICO

16 November 2017

“I am planning to raise $20 million in an ICO. Our product is great and we are launching in a few weeks time. Could you help us with…

Talk to “Her”: how voice-controlled gadgets are shaping our future

23 August 2017

Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic and a client of our agency, prepared an opinion piece that was published in Forbes magazine. Here are the key points of his article….

Why do startups need global PR?

13 July 2017

In our mobile and rapidly changing world global PR is not something that only huge and rich corporations can do. In fact, startups need it more than ever….


10 July 2017

Lisa Patti is the founder of AccentC3 (Communication. Clarity. Culture), a friend of our agency and an expert in developing a clear and concise messages. In this article,…

SexTech New York: America’s first-ever sextech hackathon

8 June 2017

Our agency is involved in preparing and organizing SexTech New York, the first sextech hackathon in the U.S! The one-day event brings together like-minded people to collaborate on…

How to start a new сrypto currency exchange

20 May 2017

Julia Yurieva is iCoinSoftware co-founder. The startup creates solutions, enabling to connect any block-chain assets, smart contracts, or tokens for buying, exchanging, or trading. With the help of…

8 Reasons why crowd-vouching is the future of micro-financing

4 April 2017

How to make money and help others borrow Eugene Lobachev founded Suretly in 2016 as a sort of `financial tinder’ for borrowers and investors. He believes that crowd-vouching…